Long Drag.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that my bankruptcy wasn’t caused by my own financial mismanagement.  I had an issue at work in which my employer thought (and was proved incorrectly) that I had broken some rules and they reported me to the Police and also my licensing authority.  I’m a professional who […]

Dancing with Summer.

Spending a few days away this weekend working in my friends pub did me both the world of good and also dragged me back a little.  It did a lot more too, it let me see (and hear from) people that I love and that love me back, and that is a great healer in […]

I need to do the lottery.

My eyes are bloodshot and full of psychic tears, I cannot see the words clearly that I am typing as it is like opening your eyes underwater in a swimming pool.  Everything is blurry through a thin mixture of water, salts, antibodies and Iysozymes.  My heart is racing and I feel physically sick and my […]

My Brothers new dog.

I have just been given £100 cash for helping a friend with a driving job.  That’s two weeks living money right there.  Thank you Gav !  As I now have no outgoings, money should last a little longer.  I’m sat in a hotel lobby in the British horse racing town of Newmarket.  I have free […]