About me

I can’t even spell BLOG….

After a rather rocky ride in the office of life over the last few years, I’m here in mid 2017, bankrupt.  My business hasn’t gone under (I’ve never owned/run or managed a business), there were no bailiffs at my door (I don’t have a door anymore), my credit history was perfect and I’m a pretty level headed bloke when it comes to money.  I don’t ever gamble, I wasn’t living the ‘high life’ and all of my credit was easily manageable.  So why am I here in this situation?  I’m working on the answer to that question as I type.

I’m depressed, severely broken hearted and as low as I’ve ever been, but I will not give up or be beaten.

A blog for anyone that is interested in my badly written, poorly punctuated ramblings about my pre, during and post bankruptcy journey, and more.  If anybody learns anything from these words, then my initial aim is achieved.

Most post photos I use are from the internet, I do not own them.

The Tree however – is mine.


*Disclaimer – For the purposes of legality, all names, situations, events and stories are fictitious.  You may wish to believe the blog or not, that is a personal choice, but for legal clarity – this blog is fictitious.  😉