Nothing much has happened today, and that is a problem.  Some people love it when nothing much happens, some people like that kind of thing – I don’t.  I’m a ‘do’er’ and rather like a Tiger endlessly pacing up and down it’s minimum recommended 300 square foot, steel and concrete reinforced compound, I am pacing […]

364 days ago.

Today marks the US national holibob of Independence Day.  Us Brits are responsible for inventing most of the world’s greatest ideas – like Penicillin, the internet, the chocolate bar, the light bulb, the reflector telescope, the electric motor and the Jet engine …ohh, and the good ole’ US of A.  Only fitting then that I […]


I’m an organiser, I like to organise.  I often think that I should give up what I’m currently trying to do and become an event planner.  I’m pretty sharply disciplined when it comes to my organisational skills.  A few days ago I made 4 phone calls to 4 separate people.  The first was to my […]

D Day. My first blog.

  I have just completed and passed an amazing professional career course.  4 years straight of extremely difficult work, study, time, energy, sacrifice and a shed-load of money later and it’s done.  I actually started it many years early with preparation and planning and the pre courses that are required.  The year 2000 was the […]