Long Drag.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that my bankruptcy wasn’t caused by my own financial mismanagement.  I had an issue at work in which my employer thought (and was proved incorrectly) that I had broken some rules and they reported me to the Police and also my licensing authority.  I’m a professional who […]

Dancing with Summer.

Spending a few days away this weekend working in my friends pub did me both the world of good and also dragged me back a little.  It did a lot more too, it let me see (and hear from) people that I love and that love me back, and that is a great healer in […]

I need to do the lottery.

My eyes are bloodshot and full of psychic tears, I cannot see the words clearly that I am typing as it is like opening your eyes underwater in a swimming pool.  Everything is blurry through a thin mixture of water, salts, antibodies and Iysozymes.  My heart is racing and I feel physically sick and my […]

My Brothers new dog.

I have just been given £100 cash for helping a friend with a driving job.  That’s two weeks living money right there.  Thank you Gav !  As I now have no outgoings, money should last a little longer.  I’m sat in a hotel lobby in the British horse racing town of Newmarket.  I have free […]


Nothing much has happened today, and that is a problem.  Some people love it when nothing much happens, some people like that kind of thing – I don’t.  I’m a ‘do’er’ and rather like a Tiger endlessly pacing up and down it’s minimum recommended 300 square foot, steel and concrete reinforced compound, I am pacing […]

364 days ago.

Today marks the US national holibob of Independence Day.  Us Brits are responsible for inventing most of the world’s greatest ideas – like Penicillin, the internet, the chocolate bar, the light bulb, the reflector telescope, the electric motor and the Jet engine …ohh, and the good ole’ US of A.  Only fitting then that I […]