Richard Branson and the five pound note.

dominoIn the notebook I started this blogging idea off with, is a list.  It’s a list of possible future topics, not in any order other than that which they flooded out from my addled mind onto the paper in this notebook sitting in front of me now.  I’m not creative in any way at all and I’ve never written anything before but, I have wanted to for many years.  I have always wanted to write my life story.  Not for me but for my Children and family so they can say things like “My dad did what?!”.  I still want to do it even thought I don’t have any children.  No point starting it when they’re teenagers now is it?  I was never very good at English at school and have never been in a job where writing or indeed even spelling and punctuation, was a key to success.  I do however, love reading books now as an adult, and remembering back 30 odd years, I did quite like books as a youngster too.  The funny thing is that I never started to or even thought seriously about writing until a few weeks ago, knowing that Bankruptcy was now an inevitable event being forced upon me by circumstance.

Circumstance, defined by Oxford Dictionaries :-

situation, conditions, set of conditions, state of affairs, things, position.  1.1 An event or fact that causes or helps to cause something to happen, typically something undesirable.”

I’m starting in the middle of the story because it is this ‘mid life event’ that has sparked off the desire to start writing things down.  I suppose it does take such an event to get things going.  I’ve heard a story about how Richard Branson was so skint that he bought a record with his last £5 and sold it again for a few pence more than it was worth in order to make a few pennies.  His entrepreneurial exploits, I’m told, began here.  I’ve heard of a certain British male Hollywood superstar that started life in a run down council estate as a Heroin addict, and it was acting that made him focus on something positive, which in turn turned him in to his now god like status.  JK Rowling, wasn’t she a struggling single mother that was at her wits end, broke and depressed, but she started writing things down to escape from the realities of that difficult life, and we all know where that ended up.  The point being, it took an event, a situation or set of conditions to push them into doing something that ultimately took them away from the start point and into a new (and I’d suggest better) life ahead.  I have no notion at all that this blog will turn me into the male equivalent of JK Rowling, or that my ramblings here will see me staring in the new Mad Max movie.  I do however see this as the start of writing down all those bloody things that I have talked about for years.  It’s a start and it has come from circumstance.  There is that word again.

I’m not here as a brand new bankrupt person because I want to be, neither am I here due to financial ineptitude.  I’m now here due to circumstance.

1.1 An event or fact that causes or helps to cause something to happen, typically something undesirable.

Like a world record domino toppling attempt, it has just kept on going and going and going until I saw that above mentioned ‘undesirable’ result that was my own name on the official insolvency register this morning.  I’m here now and the initial push of that first black and white dotted, 2 inch by 1 inch, hardwood game piece that got me to here, was a simple Email of complaint from a person I was working extremely hard to help.  My friends that know the background to this have all called her a “Busybody”, I can’t do that as it’s not over yet and I expect I may have to meet her one day for the very first time, in a court room.  That one Email, like Norris McWhirter and Roy Castle’s world record domino toppling attempt, has kept going and going and going, ensuring that I cannot work which in turn meant I couldn’t pay the bills and like I said about Harry Potters creator, you know where that has ended up; here, reading my own name on the government insolvency register.

So back to that list in the notebook.  I have one heading about 4 lines down that says “Circumstances”.  What I meant when I wrote that single word down was simply – The circumstances leading up to me applying for the big bad B.  Well, I couldn’t write that down in one individual blog or I may as well write a novel as thick as Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix.  I’ll keep blogging as my list is written – in no particular order.



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