The fifth month of bankruptcy.


As far as new changes, challenges and new problems arising through month 5 of my bankruptcy, nothing has really happened.  The vehicle company took the car last month and I have heard nothing since.  Being car-less in 2017, and for the first time in almost 30 years is a challenge.  Never again will I moan about the price of keeping and maintaining a car, over the ease of simply being able to use one at will.  A number of things this month have meant a lot of travel has been required – sods law !  As the car disappears, is when I needed it the most.  With help from friends being in a position to lend me their car, I got through the hurdles and made my appointments on time and with no relative fuss.  Once again …major personal and deep thanks go out to Pablo and my Brother, because last month would have been a lot harder if it wasn’t for your collective kindness.   I must say also that Virgin trains have been brilliant.  The price, service and speed have been second to non, cheers Mr Branson. On one of those journeys I passed through a very long and dark tunnel, once on the other side the sun blasted through my window and lit up the entire Quiet carriage like a million flickering candles, the flicker effect produced by the trees.

I am still studying the law as regards wether or not these debt collection agencies who have purchased the debts (for a tiny amount of the actual debt) I had with the bank and credit card, if they are still able to claim an IPO against me within the last month of my bankruptcy.  This would mean them trying to suck money from me for three more years after my bankruptcy ends.  I would argue that this action would then defeat the object of me actually applying for bankruptcy in the first place, and it would clearly not allow me a ‘fresh start’.  If I would have had a “when you’re back on your feet, you can start paying us back for three years” option, I clearly wouldn’t have gone bloody bankrupt!  I would have no objection at all to paying back toward the bank and credit card,  after all, they were the ones I borrowed it from – but to a loan shark who purchased the debt for pennies in the pound? As the Americans would say …Hell no !  As yet I can find no way to find out how they would go about it, but I’ll keep looking.

If anyone reads this, who like me a few months ago, is contemplating applying for bankruptcy – I’ll say this.  So far, it has been relatively pain free, that is to say that with lots of prior research and my personal position, I understand what the implications, problems and hurdles are and I am prepared to go with those hardships.  I only have one more ‘real’ worry and that is how it may effect future employment prospects, but again, with a years worth of research, I am confident that it cannot; but we will see hopefully soon.  With careful research, help from friends and family and a sprinkling of luck here and there, you can fight through this.  I was never in a ‘Red letter’s through your letterbox’ scenario, I opted for bankruptcy prior to that stage due to my employer and government agencies putting me in a position where I couldn’t work (and therefore was unable to pay my totally manageable and ‘within my means’ bills).  If you have those Red letters or demands and the associated stress that comes with it AND your personal circumstances are such AND you have done you research thoroughly AND you have discussed it with debt charities, Citizens advice and your family and friends, then and only then should you seriously consider it.

I am now almost halfway through the year of bankruptcy.  It’s hard, don’t get me wrong and I am still worried about the future, but as it stands here, right now typing, the only thing I owe in the world to anyone, is a major return of friendship and love to the ones that continue to house me, stand by me and support me daily.


The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.

The tunnel is.


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